Nests at Mayfield Elementary

Creating a positive school-wide culture and engaging students in the process is no easy task but Mayfield Elementary did exactly that. The Mayfield Team implemented the Positive Behavior Intervention Program to incentivize students to make positive behavior choices. A “nest system” was created where every student was assigned to either the blue, green, yellow or red nest. The purpose of the system was to create opportunities for all students to belong and have a sense of ownership. Students experience a true community in which friendships and encouragement can take place. With the financial investment from BCPEF, Mayfield purchased the “Ron Clark House app” to track the progress of each student and to recognize individuals by posting their photo on the nest’s banner when points were earned. Banners were displayed virtually on teacher screens and school-wide screens allowing instant recognition. Parents also received notification of Nest Points enabling them to stay connected and celebrate their child’s achievements. As a result of this program implementation, discipline rates decreased by 8 percentage points compared to rates prior to implementation. Lost instructional time due to time out of the classroom decreased as demonstrated by fewer in-school and out-of-school suspensions specifically compared to district statistics.

District Percentages

  • In-School Suspensions: 5.0%
  • Out-of-School Suspensions: 3.2%

Mayfield Elementary Percentages

  • In-School Suspensions: 1.5%
  • Out-of-School Suspensions: 1.7%

BCPEF is grateful to partner with project leader, Mayfield Assistant Principal, Dr. Jessica Bigham, and the faculty of dedicated teachers to enhance and support innovative public education.

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