Grant Visual Report

Visual Report Guidelines

The video should provide a clear understanding of what is occurring and the rationale for the project. This can be done via voiceover as you film personally, or via explanation by students themselves as they demonstrate.

  • Video may be conducted by students if desired. Students can be the interviewer and the interviewees.
  • The video should be a mix of show and tell with significant interaction, showing how grant “materials” are used and the process of developing student products.
  • The focus is to understand the classroom environment and the impact of the instruction. Fun should be part of the learning process, but there should be a representation of academic impact.
  • Reminder! Film in Landscape orientation.
  • Be sure all students in the video must have parental permission to be recorded. Use the first names only of students.

Equipment Needed

  1. iPhone camera quality or better
  2. Video editing software – iMovie, or similar. Any platform that allows you to merge your individual clips into one video.
  3. Ability to upload and share file to Google Drive or Youtube

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