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Past Grant Recipients

2016-2017 Teacher Grant Award Recipients

INDIVIDUAL Teacher Grant Award Winners

Park View Elementary School
Anne Willis: Ozobot Makerspace

Prospect Elementary School
Pam Coffey: Tuesday Trade Day Books

Valley View Elementary School
Kathryn Roman: Melodious Melodicas


TEAM Teacher Grant Award Winners

Charleston Elementary School
Denise George & Becky Denney: 
Living a STEAM Life

Hopewell Elementary School
Amanda Taylor, Roxanne Gassaway, Robin McChesney, Brittany Stephens & Amy Passavant: 
Rolling with STEAM

Park View Elementary School
Candice Atha, Buffy Frazier, Shannon Nelson, Kelly Fox, Stephanie Bates, Sarah Weatherford, Jen Fansler & Michelle Morgan: 
Keys to Success

Lake Forest Middle School
Michelle Johnson & Beth Fowler: 
Percussion Connection
Lindsey Shewbridge & Mark Dortwegt: 
Restoring Instruments For Creative Minds

Walker Valley High School
Stacey Wielfaert & Diana Bivens:  
If You Inspire Us, We Will Write

INDIVIDUAL Teacher Grant Award Winners

Arnold Memorial Elementary School
Siema Swartzel:  
Kujenga-Mikuu Drums

Cleveland High School
Holly Parker: 
Mice for Cherubs

Gabriela Tallent: 
STEAM 4 Face Cream

Cleveland Middle School
Stephen McClellan:  UNITE


TEAM Teacher Grant Award Winners

 High School
Erin Hattabaugh & Jeannine Cuervo: 
Zika Virus: Correlation or Causation  

Cleveland Middle School
Grace Dyrek, Sandy Farlow:  

Valerie Helmstetter, Tammy Magourik, Suzanne Gregory, Trey Stanford, Brett Kirksey & Sheila Jones:  
Making it Real! Creating STEM Connections
Loes Riggins & Cecily Williams:  
EYE Pad: Seeing a New Language with a New Perspective

E.L. Ross Elementary School
Becca Cathell, Jenni Barnett, & Cherish Reid:  
As a Matter of Facts!

Dana Storey, Cori Lawson & Jason Dasher:  
Bringing 7 Habits To Life

Mayfield Elementary School
Linda Gibson & Yolanda Edwards:
iLearn with iPads

*TEAM Grants to $5000     
*Individual Grants to $1000

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