Awards and Programs for Teachers:

  • Use the exact same title as listed on your Coversheet
  • Project Description (what)*

    • Clearly describe the project and its anticipated impact
    • State specifically and explain the measurable goals/objectives of the project
  • Rationale and Purpose (who and why)*

    • Provide relevant data to document the relationship of the project with student need
    • Relate demographics of the target population to the project including instructional levels and characteristics
    • Summarize and cite relevant research supporting the project
    • Specify how the project integrates with: School Improvement Plan, TN Standards, Comprehensive School Planning (must address at least one)
  • Implementation & Instruction (when and how)*

    • Outline an estimated timeframe of implementation
    • State specific instructional strategies/classroom activities, skill development, and student products
    • Describe how materials/supplies purchased for this project will be used
    • If a TEAM grant, specifically describe how materials will be utilized by each team member
  • Measurement and Evaluation*

    • Define the expected results/outcomes of the project
    • Explain the methods that will be used to measure student achievement quantitatively, and your expected outcomes
    • Explain methods that will be used to measure student performance qualitatively
  • Budget Narrative*

    • Explain how the proposed expenditures address specific needs of the project
    • Itemize the budget and summarize relevant product information
  • Drop files here or
    Accepted file types: jpg, png, pdf, doc, docx.
    Feel free to attach one optional document about your project. Formats: .jpg .png .pdf .doc .docx