Giving Tuesday

Bradley Cleveland Public Education Foundation

Each year, the world takes one day to give back to local organizations that directly impact their community. Giving Tuesday is an incredible opportunity for end of year giving, fiscally demonstrating your support and value of public education.

This year has been extremely strenuous on our Public School systems. The new mandates designed to keep students healthy gave administrations far more to think about than just the heads and hearts of the students in their schools. Financially, schools paid for sanitization-related products and services and virtual learning curriculum. Remote learning challenged every teacher, adding online virtual options while keeping in person classes available.

Nevertheless, with radical flexibility local schools have persevered through these many challenges. Teachers adapted quickly to new schedules and demands. Students transformed the way they learn and administration created fluid and healthy systems in which students can thrive. Education professionals have been present and available for students all along the way and readily offered the best ways to adapt and progress in this unprecedented time.

When students return to school in January, they and their teachers need support as they continue to adapt and innovate local education. You can help! Directly support teachers’ innovation and student learning by making a financial gift to BCPEF today. Your gift goes directly to the local classrooms, but the impact goes much farther. Investing in students today is an investment in our safe, healthy and prosperous community tomorrow.

Do you have a local Alma Mater? Did you attend one of our three local high schools? If so, give directly back to your school today through our website. Say thank you for the education that made a difference in your life while helping your Alma Mater be even more innovative pouring into the lives of today’s students.

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