Fitzgerald Innovation Award Winners

The Bradley Central team Charis Reagan and Patrick Spangler are shown with Dr. and Mrs. Rodney Fitzgerald, Arlette Robinson, CTE Director, Bradley County Schools, Lynn Voelz, Director of Bradley Cleveland Public Education and Dr. Linda Cash, Director of Bradley County Schools 


Fitzgerald Family Foundation 2019 Innovation Awards

Most of you realize that the school calendar was originally based on an agrarian society. While we have moved well beyond that era and culture into the Information Age (which is now evolving into the Age of Experience), teachers are still planting seeds into students every day. As these seeds are watered and nurtured, they result in a harvest of new ideas and solutions for society’s present and future needs.  All seeds need some fertilizing with good conditions for growth.  This is where we hope the Fitzgerald Family Foundation Innovation Award plays an essential role.

CHS Principal Autmn O'Bryan

CLEVELAND HIGH SCHOOL Principal Autumn O'Bryan accepts the Fitzgerald Family Foundation's first Innovation Award as foundation leader Dr. Rodney Fitzgerald observes.

Good teachers are constantly looking for new and better ways to motivate and teach their students. As you know full well, teaching methods have changed dramatically through use of technology. We can only imagine what the future holds for innovative methods, ideas and products not yet in use or discovered.

We recognize that inventive, pioneering methods must be investigated and implemented with determination to prepare our students for tomorrow’s workforce.  Too often the missing link to implement an innovative idea is the “seed money.”   This Innovation Award was established through the Fitzgerald Family Foundation to provide the encouragement, the impetus, and the financial support to nurture and grow the creativity, the vision, and the plan, resulting in the bountiful harvest of educational innovation and learning.

This annual competitive award of up to $15,000 is to be conferred only if the Selection Committee believes that a school-wide plan for implementation and measurable impact can be identified.  In 2019, the Award’s Selection Committee studied and considered all applications very carefully to determine the most innovative ideas. Indeed, all demonstrated research into best practice offering superb teaching and learning experiences for students. 

After significant deliberation, the review committee is pleased to announce the 2019 Fitzgerald Innovation Awards to Cleveland High School and Bradley Central High School for the winning projects, both of which focused on experiential learning and Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. 

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