Tribute Giving-Memorial and Honorary Gifts

Tribute gifts are a meaningful way to honor those you love and respect: friends, family, and co-workers. Your gift will impact a multitude of students.


Ron Braam

Don Lorton
Mr. & Mrs. Lee Stewart
Matt Bentley
Ms. Lavinia Johnston



Jace Steven Taylor

Scott & Angie Taylor
Sasser Family Holdings & CFRS
Karen Underwood
Matthew D. Bentley
William Chandler
Easy Auto
Car-D-Nel Inc.
Ginnie L. Gray
Farner Presbyterian Women
Discount Pets
David E. May
Kenneth & Jewel Callihan
Anonymous Donor
Lee Rainey
Mullinax Automotive
Danny & Robin McDowell
Mario & Stephanie Longoria
Melisa Key
Shane Gibson
Deanna Goins
JJ & Cheryl Hysinger
Mordeis & Melanie Commander
Nikki O'Boyle
Damon & Angela Floyd
Eric & Ashton Innis
Frank & Pamela Johnson
Todd & Whitney Stevison
Heather Payne
Todd & Michelle Humbert
Jerry & Lisa Beckler
Linda Leggett
John & Ariana Ownbey
Randy & Denise Young
Advance Auto Parts
Janice Suits
David W. Miolen
Jeremy & Jessica Farmer

Lila Lorton

Mr. & Mrs. Charles Krecklow​

Lilly Robinson

Mr. & Mrs. Keith Barrett
Mr. Matt Bentley
Mr. & Mrs. Mike Boettner
Ms. Sherry K. Brown
Mr. and Mrs. Ron Braam
Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Buckner, Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. Spencer Culbreth
Mr. & Mrs. John Haile
Dr. & Mrs. Jerome Hammond
Mr. & Mrs. Phillip Harris
Dr. & Mrs. Ed McIntire
Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Moore
Mr. & Mrs. David Schenck
Mr. & Mrs. Jim Williams
Mr. & Mrs. William Voelz