Endowment Fund

THE ENDOWMENT FUND consists of gifts received by the Foundation which the donors have stipulated, as a condition of the gift, that the principal of the fund is to be maintained and invested for the purpose of producing income. This income may be used to support the Foundation’s programs as specified by the donor or re-invested, adding to the principal.

Arch Chemicals, Inc.


Bowater Newsprint

Steve Bivens

Bradley County Schools Employees

William Brown & Associates

Mrs. Stella Buckner 

Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Buckner, Jr.
Ralph Buckner Funeral Home

Tyler Carver Memorial Fund

D.F.Chase Construction

Chattanooga Gas

Cleveland City Schools Employees

Cleveland Education Foundation

Cleveland Rotary Foundation

Dr. & Mrs. Spencer Culbreth

Eaton Corporation

Mr. and Mrs. Eric Evans

Executive Committee,

B/C Public Education Foundation

Fike Funeral Home

Fillauer Family Partnership

First National Bank

First Tennessee Foundation

Lillie F. Fitzgerald Memorial Gifts

Dr. & Mrs. Rodney Fitzgerald

Fitzgerald Family Foundation

George R. Johnson Family Foundation

Don Goff Honorary Fund

Ms. Rita Harbison

Harry S. Truman Society

Mr. and Mrs. William Jenkins 

Junior Auxiliary of Cleveland

Mr. and Mrs. Don Lorton

Maytag Corporation Foundation

McDonalds (Mr. Hank Smith)

Dr. and Mrs. Ed McIntire

McReynolds Family Foundation

Olin Corporation

Dr. and Mrs. Joseph Powers

Walter and Sheila Presswood

Mr. and Mrs. Steve Robinson

Sky Ridge Medical Center

Bob Taylor Endowment Fund

Troy R. Smith

Southern Heritage Bank

Cleveland Bradley County Federal Teachers’ Credit Union

Troy Weathers