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An investment in public education is an investment in our community’s quality of life. There is no better foundation for a safe, healthy and prosperous community than great public education. 

Bradley County and Cleveland City Schools are committed to providing an excellent education for every K-12 student.  Substantial public funding is critical, but private dollar investments support academic innovation which is essential to delivering excellence!

Ways to Give

Your gifts to BCPEF, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law and provide support for strategic classroom, school or system-wide programs and projects.


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Other Gifts

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  • Designated Use for my Gift

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You'd like to donate by check?

Make checks payable to:
Bradley Cleveland Public Education Foundation

Mail checks to:
Bradley Cleveland Public Education Foundation
PO Box 4354
Cleveland, TN 37320-4354

If desired, note preferred designation on check:
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Academic Programs

Our Donors

Karen Atkins

Danielle Austin
Emma K. Barnes

Candice Belt

Diana Bicens
Amy Blackwell
Caryn Bledsoe
Rodney Broadnax

Melvin Bryson
Malinda Burnette
James C. Burton
Will Campbell
Leah Carlson-Walker

Amanda Carter

Jennifer Castello

Elizabeth Couch

Tom Cloud

Tammy Dale

Harry Dillon
Cynthia Duggan

Grace Dyrek
Linda Dyszkiewicz

Janelle Esch
Terry Esquinance
Ed Fickley
Kim Fisher
Elizabeth Fowler
Jamie Fox

Kimberly Foxworth
Angela Gardner
Denise George

Dale Geyer
Linda Gibson
Nancy Glover

Erica Gober
Lisa Gwaltney
Erin Hattabaugh

Valerie Helmstetter
Tamara Humphres

Jared Jenkins
Michelle Johnson
Jeremy Jones
Rebecca Jones

Elizabeth Kaylor
Britany Kelly
LeAnn Klepzig
Judith Angela Lawson

Brandon Lee

Corey Limburg

Billie J Long-Cuervo

Maddox Seaborn

Christian M. Mann

Donald Markham
Krislyn G. Martin
Cheryl Matthews

Brieanne Maya

Laura McBee

Christina Melton

Rebecca Miller

Shannon Nelson

Autumn O'Bryan

Kyle A. Page

Kristy Parker

Matthew Parris
Dine W. Patterson
Andrea Phillips

Tat Pollard
Mary Ann Poplin

Melissa Presswood
Victoria Pritchard
Dawn Puckett

Adam Rains

Randall Cody Raper

Charis Reagan

Bradley Reece

Hilary Reid

Lori Riad

Louise M. Riggins
Susan Arlette Robinson
Michelle Rogers
Jane Rolison
Robin L. Russell

Karen Rymer

April Salyer

Dr. & Mrs. Williams Seymour

Mr. & Mrs. David Schenck
Mitchell Todd Shoemaker

Gwen Shroyer

Alice Smith

Cayci Smith

Sheron Smith

Spangler Family
Ritchie Stevenson
Seima B. Swartzel
Ryan Swartzentruber
Amanda D. Szidiropulosz
Ethan Oats Taylor
Sara & Ralph Tentler
Mary C. Thomas
Lori Thompson
Amy Tinsley

Angela Tuck

Debbie Walker

Marsha Wallace

Kenith Wattenbarger
Jessica L. Webb
Kenneth and Dianne Webb
Sandy West
William White

Renney Whittenbarger
Stacey Wielfaert
Candy Wiggins
Robert Williams
Evelyn Anne Willis
Anthony C. Womac
Jessica Wooten

Community Members

  • Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Anziano
  • Mr. & Mrs. Keith Barrett
  • Mr. & Mrs. David Beckler
  • Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Bender
  • Mr. & Mrs. Matthew Bentley
  • Mr. Steve Bivens & Ms. Penny Styles
  • Dr. William Pryor & Dr. Nancy Blank
  • Mr. & Mrs. Mike Boetner
  • Mr. & Mrs. Ron Braam
  • Ms. Sharon K. Brown
  • Mr. & Mrs. Teddy Bryson
  • Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Buckner, Jr.
  • Mr. & Mrs. Terry Calfee
  • Mr. & Mrs. Jonathan Cantrell
  • Mr. & Mrs. John Cash
  • Ms. Nancy Casson
  • Mr. & Mrs. Herb Cline
  • Dr. and Mrs. Paul Conn
  • Dr. & Mrs. Spencer Culbreth
  • Dr. & Mrs. Eben DeArmond
  • Dr. & Mrs. Frederick Denning
  • Mr. & Mrs. Bill Duff
  • Dr. Russell Dyer
  • Mr. & Mrs. Brad Emendorfer
  • Mr. Jack McKee
  • Mr. & Mrs. Larry Eskew
  • Dr. & Mrs. Rodney Fitzgerald
  • Mr. & Mrs. John Haile
  • Dr. & Mrs. Jerome Hammond
  • Mrs. Bonnie Hathcock
  • Mr. & Mrs. David Helmstetter
  • Mr. & Mrs. Wesley Hicks
  • Dr. & Mrs. John Jaggers, III
  • Mr. & Mrs. Mark Johnson
  • Mr. & Mrs. Ken Kirkpatrick
  • Mr. & Mrs. David LaBine
  • Mr. & Mrs. James F. Logan Jr.
  • Mr. & Mrs. Ken Melton
  • Dr. & Mrs. Ed McIntire
  • Dr. and Mrs. Gus Muths
  • Drs. Debbie & Danny Murray
  • Mr. & Mrs. Robby O'Bryan
  • Mr. & Mrs. Joe Pesterfield
  • Mr. & Mrs. Larry Puckett
  • Mr. & Mrs. Don Robinson
  • The Spangler Family
  • Mr. & Mrs. Lee Stewart
  • Dr. & Mrs. Pat Stone
  • Ms. Cynthia Storelli
  • Mr. & Mrs. William  F. Voelz, III
  • Mr. & Mrs. Teddy Vore
  • Mr. & Mrs. Jordia Waller
  • Dr. & Mrs. David Watts
  • Mr. & Mrs. Troy Weathers
  • Dr. & Mrs. Eston Wenger
  • Mr. James O. Williams

Business / Corporate Members

  • CS Foundation
  • First Horizon Foundation
  • Fitzgerald Family Foundation
  • McReynolds Family Foundation
  • Ralph Buckner Foundation
  • SJ & LB Foundation
  • The Tucker Foundation
  • Bank of Cleveland
  • Caldwell Paving
  • Eric Evans State Farm Insurance
  • Logan-Thompson, PC
  • Olin Chemicals
  • Pinnacle
  • Smith Management Co, Mark Smith
  • Southern Heritage
  • Town Squire
  • Woods Electric, Inc., Mark Woods

Major gifts greatly impact the Foundation’s ability to support requests for funding. Contributions can be directed toward the endowment and/or programs which focus on the donor’s specific area of academic interest. Levels of recognition are accorded as follows:

SUMMA CUM LAUDE: Donors of $50,000 plus:

Bank of Cleveland

CS Foundation

Fitzgerald Family Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Hicks

George R. Johnson Family Foundation

Allan Jones Foundation

The Tucker Foundation

United Way of the Ocoee Region – Health
Endowment Fund

Deceased Members:

Mr. and Mrs. Donald Lorton

MAGNA CUM LAUDE: Cumulative gifts of $20,000 plus:

Anonymous donor

Benchmark Rehabilitation

Ms. Sharon K. Brown

Mr. and Mrs. Teddy Bryson

Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Buckner, Jr.

Ralph Buckner Foundation

Dr. and Mrs. Murl Dirksen

Eaton Charitable Fund

Mr. and Mrs. Larry Eskew

First Tennessee Bank

First Tennessee Foundation

Dr. and Mrs. Rodney Fitzgerald

Mr. and Mrs. John Haile

Mr. Richie Hughes

Brenda Lawson & Associates LLC

Maytag Corporation Foundation

Dr. and Mrs. Ed McIntire

McReynolds Family Foundation

Merck Company Foundation

Olin Chlor Alkali Products

Mr. and Mrs. Joe Pesterfield

Progressive Restaurant Group, Inc.

Sequatchie Concrete Services

Smith Management Services

SunTrust Foundation

University of Tennessee

Wacker Polysilicon of North America LLC

CUM LAUDE: Cumulative gifts of $5000 plus:

Mr. and Mrs. Keith Barrett

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Bender

Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Bentley

Drs. Nancy Blank and William Pryor

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Braam

Broad Street Methodist Church

Ralph Buckner Funeral Home

Mr. and Mrs. Terry Calfee

Mr. and Mrs. John Cash

CCBCC Operations, LLC

Cleveland Rotary Foundation

Cleveland Tubing

Community Foundation of Cleveland and
Dr. and Mrs. Rick Denning

Dr. Russell Dyer

Ed Jacobs & Associates

Mr. Johnny Evans

Dr. and Mrs. Jerome Hammond

Mrs. Bonnie Hathcock

Dr. and Mrs. John Jaggers

Logan-Thompson PC

Manufacturers Chemicals/Synalloy

Mr. Greg Morgan

Prudential Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Steve Robinson

Southern Heritage Bank

Tri-State Warehouse

Mr. and Mrs. Duane Turner

Village Investments


Whirlpool, Cleveland Division

Wright Brothers Construction Inc.

Wright Brothers Contracting Inc.

Deceased Members:

Mr. Lindsay Hathcock Sr.

Mr. James O. Williams

The support from teachers, administrators and school staff does not end at the door of the school building in which they work. Commitment to education, to students, with a heart for teaching and learning, motivate the generosity of these contributions.



Linda Cash
Missy Bandy
Traci Blackburn
Brian Bogley
Mason Briley
Emily Brown
Brittany Cannon
Cherri Carpenter
Pam Coleman
Melissa Dasher
David Friend
Kerri Formont
Ann German
Rebecca Jones
Terri Murray
Paige Pope
Susan Arlette Robinson
Michelle Rogers
Todd Shoemaker
Angela Tuck
Danielle Wingler


Kattie Sandoval
Brooke Smith
Ashely Strong
Victoria Willcutt

Renee Hembree

Tammy Looney
Allison Murray
Lindsey Prok
Emma Fisher
Kim Fisher
Tracy Frazier
Sandy Bailey
Daryll Canida
Jill Davis
Kelly DeLaLuz
Gina Dunn
Kay Elder
Kara Gibson
Leslie Knight
Sherry Lear
Lynita Lively
Joe Parker
Kristin Rader
Janni Samples
Lauren Simpson
Sandy West
Dawn Williams
Amber Winters


Betsy Gilbert
Melissa Presswood
Charis Reagan
James Rodriguez
Patrick Spangler
Amy Tinsley
Candy Wiggins


Kim Arp
Leigh Ann Burgess
Allison Bynum
Leah Carlson-Walker
Rebecca Denney
Denise George
Sheila Griffith
Robin Lawson
Lynita Lively
Debbie Shroyer
Lauren Simpson
Amanda Szidiropulosz
Laura Anziano
Jessica Webb
Anthony Womac


Kyle Page
Gary Peltier
Karen Rymer
Melissa Smith
Melissa M Smith
Chalea Terry


Jana Hays
Robin McChesney
Kristy Parker
Aimee Passavant
Denise Sherlin
Kristy Stewart
Sarah & Ralph Tentler
Holly Watson
Jenne Wilson


Ritchie Stevenson
Gypsy Atkins
Traci Branham
Megann Cuffman
Rita Flood

Elizabeth Fowler
Martha Eluse Ghassemi
Michelle Johnson
Bridget Cheyenne Kidwell
Drew Nelson
Jeremiah Pritchard
Carissa Sapp
Lindsey Shewbridge
Cana Still-Kinder
Todd Still
Christy Viviano
Jason Viviano
Terry Walsh
Patti West


Nat Akiona
Jessica Beard
Amanda Beaty
Leslie Bennett
Shannon Brown
Cynthia Duggan
Brittany Ensminger
Jamie Fox
Jessica Morgan
Sha’Ree Morgan
Tosha Myers
Cara Rogers
Jamie Seymour
Kristin Stansell
Debbie Walker
Karen M. Welch
Candey Wiggins


Dana Yost
Candace Clark
Linda Dawkins
Robin Delgado
Christopher Doan
Sandra Donegan
Kelli Earhart
Julie Fairchild
Marie Johnson
Logan Hamsley
Karen Haun
Maria Hunt
Sharon Jackson
Kim Keith
Pamela Lance
Lea Myers
Mary Nolen
Jamie Leanne Norman
Nikki O’Boyle
Sherri Riggs
Faith Robinson
Kristi Schalk
Vicky Vicars
Maria West
Jennifer Wilson
Kara Withrow


Nancy Berry
Bridgette Burris
Suzanne Curtis
Abigail Duncan
Ashley Falls
Adelia Hall
Stacy Mills
Brittany Morrison
Dawn Puckett


Jodi Frazier

Brandi Robenolt
Corey Limburg
Kim Bagley
Megan Golden
Janie Holland
Judith Angela Lawson
Jayne Maupin
Sherry Miller
Tracy Penton
Cayci Goins Smith
Mark Swanson
Melissa Webb
Laura Wilds


Candice Atha
Angela Epperson
Jennifer Fansler
Tammy Fields
Kelly Fox
Buffy Frazier
Jennifer Hammonds
Michael Heltzel
Courtney Howell
Kathryne Kerley
Christine Melton
Shannon Ellison Pike
Brooke Plank
Whitney Rievley
Sarah Calfee Weatherford
Evelyn Anne Willis


Sarah Phillips Burris

Steve Montgomery
Brittany Cantrell
Sharon Childres
Gay Lynne Cline
Shirlee Dunkle
Lisa McCoy
Dedra Rich
Tina Shoemaker
Carrie Trew


Caryn Bledsoe
Debbie Carroll
Franklin Elrod
Deanna Goins
Lori Riad
Alice Smith
Jessica Wooten


Victor Amos
Laura Baxter
Keshana Beaty
Karen Bishop
Amy Blackwell
Mason Briley
Shelly Cameron
Kelly Carpenter

Sabrina Critchfield
Beth Ann Couch
Heather Donegan
Emily Fohs
Casey Fields
Jeremy Jones
Stephanie Jones
Glenda Ledford
Lacey Lemley
Teresa Mantooth
Briley Mason
Tina Parker
Karen Perez
Lauren Phillips
Melanie Proffitt
Bradley Reece
Jane Rolison
Donia Rowe
Kathryn Roman
Chrystal Stallings
April Sullivan
Victor Vamos
Jennie White


Sandra Akiona
Emma Barnes

Candace Belt
Donald Benton
Diana Bivens
Rebecca Brady
Mary Grace Brock
Will Campbell
Paul Cretton
Sandra Cretton
Harry Dillon
Linda Dyszkiewicz
Lisa Eulo
Sherry Everett
Jennifer Fox
Monty Frazier
Dale Geyer
Erica Gober
Adam Harner
Renee Holman
David Hood
Alan Hunt
Cheryl Ann Janzen
LeAnn Klepzig
Lauren Limburg
Christian Mann
Lindsey McChesney
Dana McClanahan
Jennifer Miles
Jade Morgan
Alan Morris
Drew Nunnelly
Melanie Oran
Dine Patterson
Elizabeth Ann Pickens
Judy Pruett
Adam Rains
April Richards
Kayla Rudy
Robin Russell
Paul Sausville
Scotty Smith
Marilyn Smith
Donna Spain
Charles Eric Swafford
Nikki Swafford
Ethan Oats Taylor
Stacy Wielfaert
Robert Williams
Amanda Wilson


Heather Hayes
Karen Atkins
Rebecca Bacon
Suzanne Churlik
Dorry DeLoach
Lisa Dempsey
Melanie Fangman
Susie Fuerst
Nancy Glover
Sarah Goza
Brynn Geren
Jaime Green
Lisa Gwaltney
Tiffany Isncore
Anita Jill Kincaid
Micah McDonald
Leigh Michaels
Lindsey Moseley
Deanna Rawlings
Amy Reece
Teah Shope
Pam Stripling
Lori Stafford
Lori Thompson
Jeff Walker
Keritha Wattenburger



Russell Dyer
Kellye Bender
Emily Buckner
Andrew Phillips
Randall Cody Raper
Renny Whittenbarger


Angela Gillispie
Susan R. Guentensberger
Kellie Guinn
Krislyn Martin
Cheryl Matthews
Tara Pollard
Siema B. Swartzel
Marsha Wallace


Tammy Dale
Frances Durham
Kimberly Foxworth
Angie Goodwill
Brittany Kelly
Amanda Matson
Andrea Phillips
April Salyer
Dawn Stansberry


Autumn O’Bryan
Sarah Brown
James Burton
Virginia Crouch
Delisa Dismukes
Stephanie Garcia
Erin Hattabaugh
Anna Hutt
Billie Long-Cuervo
Donald Markham
Malinda Parker
Hillary Reid
Andrea Wendorf


Rodney Broadnax
Randy Broadnax
Ryan Swartzentruber
Cecily Williams
Leneda Laing
Grey Briggs
Karen Bunch
Amanda Carter
Nathan Cooke
Aileen Creel
Grace Dyrek
Terry Esquinance
Ed Fickley
David and Valerie Helmstetter
Kristina Higgins
Tamara Humphreys
Cana Kirksey
Laura Martin
Ashley Meagher
Christina T. Melton
Casey O’Connor
Loes Riggins
Peggy Smith
Christopher Stanford
James Stansel
Mary Thomas
Sarah Thomas
Jennifer Whitley
Angela Wright


Judith K. Bianucci
Paul J. Dasher
Megan L. Yates
Zachery Riggins


Randall A. Stephens
Jessica Bigham
Yolanda Edwards
Kristi Fuller
Angela Gardner
Linda Gibson
Cheryl Gilbert
Claire McMahan
Jennifer J. Morris
Mary Ann Poplin


Richelle D. Shelton
Alicia Kahrs


Malinda Burnette
Jennifer Johnson
Dee P. Morris


Leslie Hayes: Special Services
Victoria Pritchard: Homebound

Tribute gifts are a meaningful way to honor those you love and respect: friends, family, and co-workers. Your gift will impact a multitude of students.


Ron Braam

Don Lorton
Mr. & Mrs. Lee Stewart

Matt Bentley

Ms. Lavinia Johnston



James O. WIlliams

Sherry Keller Brown
Mr. & Mrs. Mark Johnson
Mr. & Mrs. Sam McReynolds /
McReynolds Family Foundation
Mr. & Mrs. William Voelz
BCPEF Executive Committee

Don Burke

Chandler Burke
Greg Holmes
Dr. C.A. Kyle, Jr.
Ms. Nancy Casson
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Shay
Mr. & Mrs. Don Cowart
Mr. Charlie Rapier
Mr. Jerry McGaha
Mr. & Mrs. Denley Hines
Mr. & Mrs. David Perry
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Lewis

Alice Hamilton

Mr. Michael Ralston

Liz Hannah Jackson

Turner Jackson & Family
Mr. Don Burke
Mr. James Cigliano
Mr. Todd Duggan
Mr. & Mrs. Frank Haggard
Mr. & Mrs. Earl Rowan
Mr. Michael Usery
Ms. Kathy Wilson


Jace Steven Taylor

Scott & Angie Taylor
Sasser Family Holdings & CFRS
Karen Underwood
Matthew D. Bentley
William Chandler
Easy Auto
Car-D-Nel Inc.
Ginnie L. Gray
Farner Presbyterian Women
Discount Pets
David E. May
Kenneth & Jewel Callihan
Lee Rainey
Mullinax Automotive
Danny & Robin McDowell
Mario & Stephanie Longoria
Melisa Key
Mr. Greg Holmes
Shane Gibson
Deanna Goins
JJ & Cheryl Hysinger
Mordeis & Melanie Commander
Nikki O'Boyle
Damon & Angela Floyd
Eric & Ashton Innis
Frank & Pamela Johnson
Todd & Whitney Stevison
Heather Payne
Todd & Michelle Humbert
Jerry & Lisa Beckler
Linda Leggett
John & Ariana Ownbey
Randy & Denise Young
Advance Auto Parts
Janice Suits
David W. Miolen
Jeremy & Jessica Farmer

Lila Lorton

Mr. & Mrs. Charles Krecklow​


Lilly Robinson

Mr. & Mrs. Keith Barrett
Mr. Matt Bentley
Mr. & Mrs. Mike Boettner
Ms. Sherry K. Brown
Mr. & Mrs. Ron Braam
Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Buckner, Jr.
Dr. & Mrs. Spencer Culbreth
Mr. & Mrs. John Haile
Dr. & Mrs. Jerome Hammond
Mr. & Mrs. Phillip Harris
Dr. & Mrs. Ed McIntire
Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Moore
Mr. & Mrs. David Schenck
Mr. & Mrs. Jim Williams
Mr. & Mrs. William Voelz

The Lorton Legacy Society consists of gifts received by the Foundation which the donors have stipulated, as a condition of the gift, that the principal of the fund is to be maintained and invested for the purpose of producing income. This income may be used to support the Foundation’s programs as specified by the donor or re-invested, adding to the principal.

Arch Chemicals, Inc.


Bowater Newsprint

Steve Bivens

Bradley County Schools Employees

William Brown & Associates

Mrs. Stella Buckner

Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Buckner, Jr.
Ralph Buckner Funeral Home

Tyler Carver Memorial Fund

D.F.Chase Construction

Chattanooga Gas

Cleveland City Schools Employees

Cleveland Education Foundation

Cleveland Rotary Foundation

Dr. & Mrs. Spencer Culbreth

Eaton Corporation

Mr. and Mrs. Eric Evans

Executive Committee,

B/C Public Education Foundation

Fike Funeral Home

Fillauer Family Partnership

First National Bank

First Tennessee Foundation

​Lillie F. Fitzgerald Memorial Gifts

Dr. & Mrs. Rodney Fitzgerald

Fitzgerald Family Foundation

George R. Johnson Family Foundation

Don Goff Honorary Fund

Ms. Rita Harbison

Harry S. Truman Society

Mr. and Mrs. William Jenkins

Junior Auxiliary of Cleveland

Mr. and Mrs. Don Lorton

Maytag Corporation Foundation

McDonalds (Mr. Hank Smith)

Dr. and Mrs. Ed McIntire

McReynolds Family Foundation

Olin Corporation

Dr. and Mrs. Joseph Powers

Walter and Sheila Presswood

Mr. and Mrs. Steve Robinson

Sky Ridge Medical Center

Bob Taylor Endowment Fund

Troy R. Smith

Southern Heritage Bank

Cleveland Bradley County Federal Teachers’ Credit Union

Troy Weathers