CHS STEMulation Laboratory

Bradley Cleveland Public Education Foundation

The path to learning has changed and educators have expanded their understanding and accommodations for diverse learning styles and needs of students across the country.  Here in our community, Cleveland High School has enthusiastically embraced these changes.  Through participation in the CHS STEMulation Lab, learners experience hands-on instruction across a broad range of subjects such as computer science, business technology, health science, culinary arts, and much more. This learning space accommodates students of all abilities and skill sets to experiment, explore, and excel.  

Principal, Autumn O’Bryan explains, “the STEMulation Lab provides a space for all teachers in all subjects to bring their students…to do project based learning.” Project based learning or PBL is ‘an instructional method in which students gain knowledge and skills by working for an extended period of time to investigate and respond to authentic, real-world problems and complex challenges.’ The CHS STEMulation Lab provides an environment where students experience integrated projects and collaborate to work through meaningful problems, better preparing each to succeed and thrive in a competitive real world setting.  “Project-based learning empowers students to think differently about themselves as learners, collaborators, and leaders.” (Alfred Solis, Director of Professional Learning, XQ Institute, 2020)  Thank you to the George Johnson Family Foundation and the Fitzgerald Innovation Award for financial support of the STEMulation Lab and embolding CHS students to develop as today’s learners and collaborators and become tomorrow’s leaders.