Bradley Central High School Shakespeare Day

Bradley Cleveland Public Education Foundation

Though Covid-19 prevented teachers and students from a regular field trip to experience Shakespeare off campus, Bradley Central High School teachers and principals came to bat with creativity and excellence this November, bringing the experience to their students on BCHS’s campus. By splitting students into smaller groups and strategically scheduling each event, teachers were able to keep students safe, immersed and engaged while birthing an event that will long outlive this pandemic.

In conjunction with the Shakespeare unit that is taught in 9th grade English class, BCHS teachers created an all day, immersive experience dedicated to various themes of Shakespeare. That morning, 400 freshmen students broke into their assigned groups and attended interactive blocks put on by the Bradley Central Theatre Troupe, STEM Academy, and Culinary Arts Class.The sessions included a performance of Romeo and Juliet by the BCHS theatre department, an immersion experience at lunch, and a display put on by the school’s CTE program that showed trebuchet and catapult demonstrations. In addition, a local dance troupe performed and taught choreography to students while highlighting themes of Shakespeare, all using a contemporary twist. Further highlighting Bradley Central High School’s attention to detail was a QR code placed around campus, allowing students to scan on their devices and digitally create a selfie with the Mona Lisa.

Thank you to Bradley Central teachers and principals for your creativity, innovation and determination to make learning engaging!