An Evening Celebrating Excellence in Education

Bradley Cleveland Public Education Foundation

Annually, BCPEF hosts the Vision 100 reception to encourage major giving to our local public education systems. On October 28th, over 200 guests were welcomed to Creekridge, local property of the Allan Jones family, to celebrate the importance and impact of local public education. The evening was hosted by the Foundation’s Executive Committee including Business/Corporate Committee member, Will Jones and his wife, Katie.

BCPEF President Nancy Blank and Vice President David Beckler greeted attendees emphasizing the critical importance of private investment in public education. This investment of private monies, building on local and state public funding, is essential to provide visionary, innovative public education, producing a vibrant and prosperous community.

The Pavilion at Creekridge provided the perfect venue for the evening. The adjoining full-sized football field permitted the three local high school bands to entertain guests with a series of uplifting tunes. The finale was an enthusiastic rendition of “Rocky Top” directed by special guest, Phillip Fulmer, University of Tennessee’s famed football coach and retired Athletic Director.

Coach Fulmer graciously accepted the opportunity to share his passion for and stress the importance of great public education. He emphasized to all guests, “Both my children and I are products of public education which is the backbone and future of our country.”

Foundation past president Matt Bentley ended the evening emphasizing this community’s strong history of charitable giving. He added “The organization feted tonight has a foundational impact on our community. It is worth your investment. It singularly impacts the future of both our youth and our community.” He encouraged guests to support Cleveland City and Bradley County Schools through ‘Visionary’ giving to Bradley Cleveland Public Education Foundation.

Special thanks are in order to the Jones Family for the use of their spectacular facilities, First Horizon Foundation for graciously financing the reception and to Bank of Cleveland for generously enabling the participation of the Cleveland High School, Bradley Central High School and Walker Valley High School bands.

Bradley Cleveland Public Education is a 501(c)(3) organization supporting innovative academic education in the Bradley County and Cleveland City Schools. Information is available to those interested in investing in innovative local public education. Donations can be made via this website or call 423-476-0034 for more information.