Education Family Committee

Comprised of teachers from each school, the Education Family Committee enhances communication between the Foundation and the employees of Cleveland City and Bradley County School Systems. They assist to cultivate, solicit and recognize the donors within the Education Family, communicating with peers regarding Foundation programs. Their involvement extends to evaluating the Teacher Grant-Individual applications annually.

Arnold Elementary, Siema Swartzel                              

Blythe Bower Elementary, Kim Foxworth                     

Blythe Bower Elementary, Angie Goodwill                  

Cleveland High, Erin  Hattabaugh      

Cleveland High, Karen Patterson                              

Cleveland Middle, Loes  Riggins                                     

E.L. Ross Elementary, Wenona Patterson                     

Mayfield Elementary, Angela Gardner                         

Mayfield Elementary, Linda (Punky) Gibson                

George R. Stuart Elementary, Mindy Kiser                                                 

Donald P. Yates Primary, Jennifer Johnson                  

Black Fox Elementary, Pam Coleman                            

Charleston Elementary, Jessica Webb                          

Charleston Elementary, Denise George                       

Goal Academy, Gary Peltier                                            

Hopewell Elementary, Sara Tentler                               

Lake Forest Middle, Megann Cuffman                          

Michigan Avenue Elementary, Debbie Walker           

North Lee Elementary, Vicky Vicars                              

Oak Grove Elementary, Nikki Mason                             

Oak Grove Elementary, Joel Hopkins                            

Park View Elementary, Candice Atha                            

Park View Elementary, Jennifer Hammonds                

Prospect Elementary, Lynn Cline                                   

Prospect Elementary, Jayne Taylor                               

Taylor Elementary, Jessica Wooten                               

Taylor Elementary, Lori Riad                                           

Valley View Elementary, Chase Smartt                          

Walker Valley High, Robin  Wright                                

Walker Valley High, Stacey Wielfaert

Waterville Elementary, Amy  Reece                             

ESL BCS, Rebecca Jones