Awards and Programs for Teachers:
Teacher Grant-Individual AWARD WINNERS


BRADLEY COUNTY SCHOOLS:  Teacher Grant-Individual AWARD WINNERS 2014-2015

Park View Elementary School
Courtney Howell:  Kindles for Kids (Reading)
Prospect Elementary School
Brittany Cantrell: 
Calculating the Need (Math)
Valley View Elementary School
Kathryn Roman: 
Recorder Karate (PE & Music)

TEAM Teacher Grant Award Winners
Prospect Elementary School
Linda Davis, Connie Bancroft, Kylee Rayfield:
Generation Ready (Technology for 3rd graders)
Michele Dunkle, Chrissy Geren, Cheryl Hooper, Lisa McCoy:
Fabulous Activities for the Brain (Math and Movement)
Valley View Elementary School
Tina Parker, Karen Bishop: 
Expanding Minds, Opening Technology
(Technology for 3rd graders)

Walker Valley High School
Doris Manning, Emma Barnes: 
Harnessing the Sun w/ Math
(STEM Academy: Building solar oven
for 3rd world)

CLEVELAND CITY SCHOOLS:  Teacher Grant-Individual AWARD WINNERS 2014-2015

Arnold Memorial Elementary School
Siema Swartzel: 
We Got the Sound Now, Mon (Music)
Cleveland High School
Erin Hattabaugh:
Mechanical Heart Valve Innovations Melissa Barnett: 
Be an Outlier (Math - Algebra & Literature)
Gabriella Tallent:
Soap Making w/ a STEAMy Twist
     (Chemistry, Engineering & Business)

Cleveland Middle School
Phyllis Anderson:  Poetry Alive   (Interactive Workshop for performance of poetry)
Mayfield Elementary School
Mary Ann Poplin: 
Drawn to My Art Journal (Art)
TEAM Teacher Grant Award Winners

High School
Sarah Smartt, Gayle Hiddleson:
WiiListen, WiiSee, WiiLearn 
(e-resources for Library)

Cleveland Middle School
Grace Dyrek, Jeanine Dotson: 
eTravelers (Digital Library ResourcesSandy Farlow, Stephanie Stone: 
Cybrary Multi-Media Lab(Expansion of Library Resources & Experiences)

E.L. Ross Elementary School
Wenona Patterson, Gwen Turpin, Kristen Morgan, Becca Cathell,
Jenni Barnette, Cherish Reid: 
Reading to Succeed (Literacy)
Teen Learning Center (TLC)
B. Deacon-Smith, Seth LaMagna, Jamie McCurry, Sylvia Coates,
Valerie Dennis, Robert Parks: 
Teaching Respect and Educating Kids (Art Therapy)
Walker Valley High School and Cleveland High School
(a collaboration between both school systems)
Carole Dale & Lisa Eulo: 
GAP—Paving the Way
(German Intercultural Experience)

*TEAM Grants to $5000    
*Individual Grants to $1000


Past Winners: