Fund for Teachers Fellowship 2016

Travels in Sighet, Romania; Budapest, Hungary; Vienna, Austria; Munich, Germany
LeeAnn Klepzig and Renee Holman, teachers at Walker Valley High School, embark on the fellowship of a lifetime. Follow their blog at

"We set off on a trip unlike any other in my lifetime. This journey actually began many years ago.  Our destinations are places we have only read about before now.  Words and stories that became a part of us, images that haunt and take up residence in our minds.  Evil atrocities perpetrated more that seventy years ago, shared by survivors and witnesses…."

Excerpt from their blog:

"In Budapest, we took a walking tour with a young Jewish girl who had recently rediscovered her heritage. While researching her history, and questioning her father she had learned about her family’s persecution in the Holocaust.  Her grandfather was a survivor. She pointed out the streets of the Ghetto in Budapest, 3 beautiful synagogues and the Raull Wallenberg memorial. We saw the cemetery where thousands who died while in the ghetto were buried.

We had some funny experiences to balance out the heaviness of our tour. Unfamiliar with the European washing machine, we didn’t lock the door to the drum. It got hung up, effectively trapping our clothes and breaking the machine. Our apartment host was not happy with us, but he did manage to fish our clothes out with a coat hanger!  We gave him a some American dollars as a penance, and we were on our way again."