Teacher Grants Awarded 2013-2014

Twenty six Teacher Grants have been awarded for the 2013-14 academic year.  For the first time, eight TEAM Grants enabled teachers to collaborate and receive larger awards (up to $5000) for their projects.  Thirty-six individual teachers creatively approached their year’s plans for academic engagement submitting proposals (up to $1000) hoping for an award.  Twenty-two received the coveted e-mail announcing their selection for BCPEF funds. 

Erin Hattabaugh's Science Class at Cleveland High School developed artificial hand.

This year’s 25% increase in BCPEF awarded grant funds enable teachers’ innovative and thoughtful planning to reach more classrooms and more students.  These projects reached 16 schools—7 Cleveland City Schools and 9 Bradley County Schools—and impact the classrooms of 55 teachers.

Cleveland High School:
Erin Hattabaugh, Prosthetic Engineering:  Replace It!
Holly Gobble, Science Palooza
Rachel Moore, Tools for Success (Math)
Jeannie Cuervo, STEM Tools for Scientific Research
TEAM Eric Blackburn, Ben Cantrell, Quay Morgan, Gabriela Tallent, & Andrea
Wendorf: Active Engagement and Expression using Technology in the Science

Cleveland Middle School
TEAM Grace M. Dyrek & Stephanie Stone:  “Cybrary Multi-Media Lab”
Arnold Memorial Elementary School
Vivian Davis:  “For the Birds”…and the Kids (Nature)
Siema B. Swartzel:  iPad Composers:  Composing Real Music Using Technology
Blythe-Bower Elementary School
Melanie Johnson:  Science worth Exploring
D. P. Yates Primary School
Rebecca Lay:  Learning with Legos (Creativity, Science, Teamwork)
E.L. Ross Elementary School
TEAM Tonya Mullinax, Stacy Carson, & Gwen Turpen:  Engineering is Elementary
George B. Stuart Elementary School
Mary Ann Poplin:  Drawn to My Art Journal
Black Fox Elementary School
TEAM Kay Elder, Leeanne Frazier, Laura Calfee, Jade Fisher, Kristen Phillips, Katie
Sandoval:  Perfect Practice (Math)

Lake Forest Middle School
Rita Flood & Jason Viviano:  Lego Alliance (STEM)
Michigan Avenue Elementary School
TEAM Debbie Walker, Stephanie Jones, Brittany Ensminger, Chad Haselwood:  iLearn

North Lee Elementary School
Kim Fort:  Clicking Our Way to Success (Math)
Karra Withrow & Sherri Riggs:  Collaborative Learning with Technology (Computer
Sharon Jackson:  Technofab iPad (Computer Technology)
Jennifer Harrelson:  LaunchPAD (Computer Technology)

Oak Grove Elementary School
Bridgett Burris:  Bridge to Common Core (Reading & Math)
Ocoee Middle School
TEAM Paul Sausville, Heather Wilson, LaTanya Greenridge, Trevor Stout, Ann German,
Missy Stansberry:  Project Fame-Us (Character Education)

Park View Elementary School
Jocelyn Fennell:  Supplementing the Common Core in Small Group Reading
Anne Willis:  Getting to the “Core” or Fact or Fiction (Reading)

Prospect Elementary School 
TEAM Connie Bancroft, Linda Davis, Kylee Rayfield:  Technology Like It’s 2999
(Reading & Math)
TEAM Crissy Geren, Michelle Dunkle, Cheryl Hoooper, Pam Coffey:  FAB Friday—
Leaving No Brain Behind!  (Physical Ed/General Academics)

Valley View Elementary
Shelley Cameron:  Learning to Write
Chase Smartt:  MiniGrant for Mini iPads
Chrystal D. Stallings:  In the Beginning was the Word (Reading)

Thank you to the Education Family Committee who again undertook the overwhelming task to score each submitted proposal and to the Grants Committee for making the final award determinations.  The process ensures each proposal is anonymous when evaluated and scored a minimum of three times. Scores are then averaged, proposals notated and organized by school and system for the Grants Committee who take all the data into consideration when making the final award decisions.