S.T.E.M. Jumpstart for
Park View Elementary School Students

Park View Elementary School has been awarded a $15,000 grant for STEM education from the Eaton Charitable Fund. The Bradley/Cleveland Public Education Foundation worked with the two local Eaton plants to obtain this gift for the new STEM laboratory at Park View.

“A STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) focus in an elementary school is very unique,” reported Deb Bailey, principal of Park View.  “And a physical laboratory to host the study is even more unusual. The students love the hands-on experience provided by their laboratory experience.  It is simply how they learn best.  It is the favorite time of their day and they view trips to the STEM laboratory as a reward.” 

Johnny McDaniel, Director of Bradley County Schools, indicated the decision to include the laboratory was made when Park View was designed. He said the desire to give Park View students a head start on educational opportunities related to STEM, which otherwise would be unavailable until middle and high school, was supported by the Board of Education.

All the students in this elementary school benefit from this contribution, because, although a physical presence in the new school, the laboratory itself was not fully equipped for instruction.  This grant, along with others provided by the Public Education Foundation, has brought the school closer to fully outfitting the laboratory for the hands-on classroom experience.

Troy Weathers, Board of Education member from the 4th District, reiterated the importance of the STEM laboratory.  “Many of our children would have no opportunity for a hands-on science experience.  It is so reinforcing to watch their excitement as they work together at the lab stations.  They are eager, focused, and having a wonderful time.  This laboratory facility was a great investment and we are so grateful to Eaton for helping us furnish it with equipment and supplies.” 

The Eaton Charitable Fund supports educational initiatives nation-wide but desires to focus its support on communities in which its plants are located. Cleveland is blessed with two plants, Eaton Hydraulics and Eaton Electrical.  Matt Hockman, Plant Manager, at Eaton Electrical, and the two Human Resource Managers, Adam Moffatt and Amanda Groves worked with Lynn Voelz, Executive Director of the Public Education Foundation, to submit the grant and gain approval for the STEM lab funding.

“The experience with Eaton, with Amanda Groves and Adam Moffatt, has been very gratifying,” Lynn Voelz emphasized. “Our objectives were the same—supporting visionary educational initiatives with substantial results. Deb Bailey is a great leader of a great staff.  We see enthusiasm, strategic direction and disciplined follow-through from this team.  It is easy to garner support when all these attributes are in place.”