Jane Littlejohn, BCPEF Grants Manager

Jane Littlejohn graduated from The University of Alabama with an MS in Gifted & Talented Education. She attended The University of Connecticut, Summer Institute for Gifted Education and earned a Masters +30 degree from Cumberland University. She began a public education career in Birmingham, AL and taught for 12 years in Alabama, Arkansas, and Georgia before moving to Cleveland, TN.  Jane taught two years at Cleveland Middle School and 13 years at Stuart Elementary.  Her love for and emphasis on writing and composition was a hallmark of her English/Language Arts classroom instruction.  

During her 27 years in public education, Jane demonstrated strong leadership and organizational skills:

  • Department Chair of Gifted Education at Taylor Road Middle School, Alpharetta, GA
  • 2000 Cleveland City Schools Institute Dean of the English ll, Gateway Phase I and ll training
  • 2002 Co-chair and presenter, TAMS (Tennessee Middle Schools) Conference, Cleveland, TN
  • 2006-2007 East Tennessee Representative, CTB/McGraw Hill, TCAP Reading Passage Review Team
  • School Leadership Teams while at Cleveland Middle School and Stuart Elementary
  • 2005-2013 development and implementation team of the Cleveland City Schools Mentor Program. 

Jane was recognized 2003 System-Level Teacher of the Year and 2013 School-Level (Stuart) Teacher of the Year. March 25, 2013, Jane was presented a Tennessee Joint Resolution #193, co-sponsored by Senator Mike Bell and Representative Kevin Brooks and signed by Governor Bill Haslem, to honor her years of service as a Tennessee educator. 
“After a year of retirement, I was rested and ready for a new chapter in life.  Bradley Cleveland Public Education Foundation is a perfect fit for me.  During my tenure as a classroom teacher, I experienced the excitement of receiving grants from BCPEF and the joy of using the grants to expand and enrich my students’ learning.   Now, as the Grants Manager for BCPEF, I’m excited about my opportunity to connect donors and teachers in order to enhance the learning of our community’s students. ”

Jane is married to Bill Littlejohn.  They have a daughter, and a son, both graduates of Cleveland High School.  Jane and Bill recently became proud grandparents of a granddaughter.