BCPE awarded 31 grants to 75 teachers in 20 schools for $60,467, impacting the learning of approximately 12,000 students in our community.
Here are winners below:
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2015-2016 Teacher Grant Award Recipients: Bradley County Schools

TEAM Teacher Grants
Black Fox Elementary:   Warp Speed Math  $2,240  (IXL math program grades 3 through 5)
Teachers: Kay Elder, Jill Davis and Pam Coleman

Charleston Elementary:  All Aboard! Moving Students Full STEAM Ahead $4,611 (3-D printer and science supplies to start a STEAM lab)
Teachers: Denise George and Amanda Szidiropulosz

GOAL Academy:  Commit to Fit   $4,417(physical education equipment, pedometers)
Teachers:  Bryan Reese

Michigan Avenue Elementary:  Ron Clark Revolution  $4,740 (one-day prof. development)
Teachers:  Debbie Walker + 11 teachers

North Lee Elementary: Ron Clark Academy Prof. Development  $4,740 (one-day prof. development)
Teachers:  Kristi Schalk + 11 teachers

 Park View Elementary:  Math Fact Mission,   $3,395 (a site license and app for REFLEX Math)
Teachers: Angela Epperson and Summer Smith

Valley View Elementary:  Social, Emotional and Behavioral Success  $1,116 (Second Step Curriculum and therapy aids)
Teachers: Kathy Carter and Heather Donegan

Waterville, LFMS, GOAL, Hopewell, Taylor and Park ViewSensory Aids for Sensational Students  $4,000  (multi-school grant for therapy aids)
Teachers: Lynn Hovey, Tye Crumley, Mary Brown, Kelly Jackson, Cathy Otie, Chalea Terry, Stephanie Ortega, Kelly Mason, Joel Hopkins, Kim Buckner

Individual Teacher Grants
GOAL Academy:  Take This Job and Love It   $898 (job training portfolios)
Teacher:  Gary Peltier

Oak Grove Elementary:  Magnetic Math  $214 (hands-on math instruction)
Teacher:  Adelia Hall

Park View Elementary:  Integration is the Key:  Bringing Social Studies into the ELA Classroom   $431 (historical novels blending social studies and ELA)
Teacher:  Heather Byrd

Park View Elementary:  Montessori Madness  $717 (math & literacy manipulatives)
Teacher:  Heather Hayes

Park View Elementary:   Lego Literacy   $858  (creative writing with Legos)
Teacher:  Courtney Howell

Valley View Elementary:  Conquering Kindergarten   $313 (manipulatives)
Teacher:  Shelley Cameron

Valley View Elementary:  A Novel Approach:  Finding Fact in Fiction  $916 (novels for ELA and social studies)
Teacher:  Stephanie Jones

Walker Valley High School:  Mini Math Lab  $1,000 (Chromebooks for algebra & geometry)
Teacher:  Jeremy Jones

2015-2016 Teacher Grant Award Recipients: Cleveland City Schools

TEAM Teacher Grants
Cleveland High School: SimPad Learning: Just Like the Real Thing  $3,895 (SimPad/manikin hands on CPR learning)
Teachers: Kellye Huff, Leia Talley
Cleveland Middle School:  eTravelers  $5,000 (digital library with STEM collection)
Teachers:  Grace Dyrek and Sandy Farlow
E.L. Ross Elementary School:  Reading to Succeed  $4,457  (digital SRA reading lab)
Teachers: Wenona Patterson, Gwen Turpin, Kristen Morgan

Mayfield Elementary School:  BeeBots & ProBots Bringing Coding & Problem Solving to Life   $2,600  (robotic coding)
Teachers:  Gregory Towe, Ana Walters, Amanda Diaz, Jennifer Morris, Anita Renshaw, Michael Rogers

Individual Teacher Grants
Arnold Elementary:  We Need More of the Sound Now, Mon  $1,000  (4 additional steel drums to join music and math)
Teacher:  Siema Swartzel

Blythe-Bower Elementary:  Faces & Stories  $1,000  (clay faces and creative writing)
Teacher:  Aloha Buffington

Cleveland High School:  School Based Enterprise  $1,000  (coffee shop entrepreneurship)
Teacher:  Melissa Adams

Cleveland High School:  Soil Respiration:  A Citizen Science STEM Project  $817 (hand held devices to monitor soil respiration)
Teacher:  Jeannie Cuervo

Cleveland High School:  Sports Medicine:  Kinesiology-‘Plane Jane’ Anatomical Plane Model  $1,000  (2 manikins/CD for health science)
Teacher:  Holly Dunn

Cleveland High School:  Electrifying Circuits  $997  (equipment/supplies for hands on learning)
Teacher:  Will Godwin

Cleveland High School:  Xrays, More that Black & White;  Lessons in Physics, Medicine and Art  $1,000  (equipment for physics/medicine/imaging/art)
Teacher:  Erin Hattabaugh