Taylor Elementary School Blessed by Major Grant

The Leonore Annenberg School Fund for Children has announced an award to Taylor Elementary School for nearly $50,000.  This grant will provide laptops for all fourth- and fifth-grade students, including mobile hotspots for at-home use so students can conduct research and communicate with people around the globe. 

PEF-Chattanooga collaborated with the Bradley Cleveland Public Education Foundation for the second year to extend its reach to regional schools in their mission to transform public education.  Bradley Cleveland Public Education Foundation, through gifts from the private sector, supports innovative academic initiatives in Cleveland and Bradley County.

Gail Levin, Ph.D., director of The Leonore Annenberg Scholarship, Fellowship, and School Funds, said, “Since 2010, the Leonore Annenberg School Fund for Children has partnered with PEF to provide underserved schools with essential resources. While the term ‘value added’ is too often used in the absence of both context and definition, Leonore Annenberg’s grants to public elementary schools are sure to make a clear case for improved teaching and learning.”

PEF president Dan Challener added, “Leonore Annenberg was committed to improving the lives of children, particularly those who, with support, will become leaders of the next generation. These grants certainly underscore the heart of her mission to provide students resources to help them shine brightly.”

Taylor Elementary School principal, Elizabeth Kaylor, expressed her gratitude and excitement in receiving the award.  “We are more than excited, she said.  “We are overjoyed to offer the opportunities associated with this gift to our students. Our faculty has begun planning for the effective integration of this technology into our academic instruction.”

Blythe-Bower in 2015 Receives Annenberg Grant
In 2015, Blythe-Bower Elementary School received a $75,000 grant from The Leonore Annenberg School Fund for Children to create a STEAM laboratory for its K-5 students.  The impact has reached beyond its own classrooms, however, to all grades 3-5 teachers in the Cleveland City Schools.  Blythe-Bower students recently conducted professional development sessions in “their” lab for the visiting teachers. 

STEAM Lab Coordinator Jesse Wood reports, “This gift and the creation of the STEAM lab has transformed all aspects of science and math instruction for our students. The response has been amazing engagement with the learning curve going straight up. It is better than we even expected.  As an entire faculty, we are so very grateful.”