“The best professional conversations I’ve ever had!” “I can’t believe what the video revealed about my teaching style and the children’s focus!”  Such are the comments from some of the 26 Teachers participating in TAKE ONE! 

Take One! is a unique offering from the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards, which helps teachers reflect on their own classroom instructional practices within the context of national teaching standards.

These 26 teachers from Cleveland City and Bradley County Schools have chosen to challenge themselves, evaluate themselves and submit themselves to peer evaluation as well.  All with the objective to become a better teacher, a more effective professional.  Making the critical link between teaching practice and student learning gains is the goal of Take One! and National Board Certification. 

NBPTS was established 25 years ago by teachers for teachers with this in mind:  helping teachers improve and helping students learn.  Sounds simple?  Not so much!
Each teacher participating in Take One! chooses one of the National Board’s 25 certificate areas specific to his or her teaching expertise and students’ subject area and developmental age.  The National Board materials specific to the certificate area enable the teacher to critically evaluate his/her practice primarily through a video-recorded lesson and a written commentary describing and critically analyzing it.

Submitting this package of analysis to NBPTS begins the peer review.  Teachers who specialize in the same certificate area evaluate and grade the submission.  If the grade is high enough, it can be “banked” toward full National Board Certification, billed as the ultimate professional development experience.

Congratulations to the 2010 Take One! Participants!


Sheron Brand Smith   Arnold Elementary
Cassie Bailey    Blythe-Bower Elementary
Angie Goodwill   Blylthe-Bower Elementary
Sonjia Norman  Blythe-Bower Elementary
Andrea Phillips   Blythe-Bower Elementary
Gloria Scott-Richmond Blythe-Bower Elementary
Rebecca Somers Blythe-Bower Elementary
Cyndi Summers  Blythe-Bower Elementary
Glenda Taylor Blythe-Bower Elementary
Jennifer Johnson  Yates Primary School
Dee Morris Yates Primary School
Susan Hoops-Whitlock Yates Primary School
Adam Grodek  Cleveland Middle School
Shelia Jones  Cleveland Middle School
Loes Riggins Cleveland Middle School
Matt Rodante Cleveland Middle School
Cecily Williams    Cleveland Middle School
Wade Jackson  Cleveland High School
Gabriela Tallent     Cleveland High School
Barbie Buckner      Bradley High School  
Robyn Trowbridge Blue Springs Elementary
Tracy Penton  Bradley County Schools
Sarai Burgos    Oak Grove Elementary
Fredda Burton  Oak Grove Elementary
Denise George       Valley View Elementary
Chrystal Stallings  Valley View Elementary