Named for “paper clickers” – a simple but powerfully efficient student response system. 

teacher using plickers

Thanks to a grant from The Tucker Foundation and teachers who were eager to embrace “Plickers,” 487 classroom sets were delivered by BCPEF to Bradley County and Cleveland City Schools in early November.

The durable, matte laminated cards enable immediate assessment of student learning. Teachers can quickly adapt classroom instruction to address the learning needs of their students in a timely manner.  Research has determined that Plickers is a low cost, highly effective student response system with instructional support via the website.

The teacher can poll the class by assigning each student a QR coded card then ask a question and students respond by holding up the card, turned in one of four different orientations. Each orientation represents a different answer so responses are private.  When the teacher is ready to collect data, he/she uses a free Plickers mobile app, scans the cards with a smart phone/tablet and receives a bar graph of information. Teachers review the data and if results show most students understand a concept, the instructor moves on. If results indicate students are still confused, the teacher can spend more time on that topic. Data is available for long term or short-term use by the teacher or accessible to parents to log into the app and view their child’s daily participation. 


BCPEF surveyed classroom teachers in both Bradley County and Cleveland City Schools to determine the interest in using this student response system.  The majority of teachers were highly interested in implementing a system in their classroom. In response to teacher input, The Tucker Foundation awarded BCPEF a grant to purchase Plickers QR cards to be distributed to the 487 teachers requesting a set.

To the delight of both teachers and students, the “Plickers” were delivered to classrooms in early November.  Put to immediate use, this was an early Christmas present for the 487 classrooms.  Thank you to The Tucker Foundation! Learn more about Plickers: https://plickers.com/PlickersCards_2up.pdf

Students and teacher