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Lillie F. Fitzgerald Excellence Winner 2017
The winner of this year’s award bases her teaching philosophy on three aspects: 1- accountability, 2- the belief that every student matters, and 3 - seeing her classroom as a mission. more

First Tennessee Foundation's Generous Investment
First Tennessee Foundation has again generously invested in BCPEF and its support of local public education. The First Tennessee Foundation responds to needs and supports non-profits in the communities they serve. more

Native American headresses, knightly helmets and Roman headgear make history real to the students of Cleveland Middle thanks to 2016 Lillie F. Fitzgerald Excellence in Teaching Award Winner, Grace Dyrek.

History Comes Alive with Fitzgerald Winner
Grace Dyrek, honored at a reception as the winner of the Fitzgerald Excellence in Teaching Award, used the Fitzgerald generous endowment to purchase artifacts that bring history alive for students. Reception and video:  more

What are "Plickers?"
Named for "paper clickers" – "plickers" are a simple but powerfully efficient student response system which gives teachers a way of getting input from each student to make sure an idea is mastered before moving on. more


Video Lillie F. Fitzgerald Award

Fund For Teachers Fellowship 2016
LeeAnn Klepzig and Renee Holman, teachers at Walker Valley High School, embark on the fellowship of a lifetime in Hungary, Romania, Austria and Germany. Read more about their adventure and get their blog address. more

Taylor Elementary Blessed by Major Grant
This grant will provide laptops for all fourth- and fifth-grade students, including mobile hotspots for at-home use so students can conduct research and communicate with people around the globe.

First Tennessee Bank Generosity
This gift through the First Tennessee Community Development Fund enables BCPEF to focus academic program support in schools serving those in the most severe poverty. more

Showcase Video for BCPEF
Matt Bentley, President of BCPEF Board tell more about what BCPEF is all about more

BCPEF and its Impact
Did you know that BCPEF…awarded 31 grants to 75 teachers in 20 schools for $60,467, impacting the learning of approximately 12,000 students in our community? Find out which teachers were awarded... more

Gifts, Grants and Gratitude
Attendees celebrated grants awarded, accomplishments by teachers and the generosity of donors at this annual celebration luncheon. Thirty-one Teacher Grants were awarded to 20 schools, reaching 12,000 students.. more

Honoring the Lortons
The Joint Boards of Education and BCPEF are pleased to announce that Don and Lila Lorton were recognized at this year’s BCPEF Vision 100 event for their years of dedicated service to public education in our area…more

Vouchers Not the Solution for At-risk Kids
“I want to talk about what we can do for our kids that are in those situations versus taking public money to take them out [of public schools],” said County Director of Schools Dr. Linda Cash. more


The Lillie F. Fitzgerald Winner
Jeremiah Pritchard is the 2015 recipient of the Lillie F. Fitzgerald Excellence in Teaching Award. The past 14 years he has served the students at Lake Forest Middle School as the Show Choir Director and Drama Coach. more

Community Welcomes Dr. Linda Cash
BCPEF hosted a reception to introduce the new BCS Director of Schools, Dr. Linda Cash, to the Cleveland and Bradley County community.  Over 100 guests attended. For photos of the event: more 

Heart Valves and CHS Biomedical Engineering
CHS Biomedical Engineering students Miroslava Migovich and Nancy Kanarski discuss the project and its implications for their future with Jed Mescon of WRBC Channel 3 on “3 Plus You.  more  (see video)

BCPEF and Impact
Did you know that BCPEF…
awarded 19 grants to 40 teachers in 10 schools for
53,012 dollars, impacting the learning of 7,585 students in our community? Find out who the teachers are... more 


Two Local Teachers and a Deserved Award
In honor of Mrs. Fitzgerald, her son and daughter-in-law, Dr. Rodney and Margo Fitzgerald have established the Lillie F. Fitzgerald Excellence in Teaching Award. Two awards were given this year.  more

Welcome Jane LIttlejohn
“After a year of retirement, I was rested and ready for a new chapter in life.  Bradley Cleveland Public Education Foundation is a perfect fit for me.  During my tenure as a classroom teacher, I experienced the excitement of receiving grants from BCPEF and the joy of using the grants to expand and enrich my students’ learning.  (more)

Fund for Teachers
Enriches the professional growth of teachers by recognizing and supporting them as they identify and pursue fellowship opportunities around the globe that will have the greatest impact on their practice, the academic lives of their students and on their school communities.. more

Terrific Teacher Travel? Design a Trip
Teachers–are you interested in an enticing opportunity for professional development? Then think "Fund For Teachers" and design a trip which will transform your teaching and stimulate your student's learning. more

Teacher Grants Awarded
Twenty six Teacher Grants have been awarded for the
2013-14 academic year.  For the first time, eight TEAM Grants enabled teachers to collaborate and receive larger awards (up to $5000) for their projects.  more 


Lillie F. Fitzgerald Excellence in Teaching Award
Goes to Christy Duncan
Christy Duncan, the ESL (English as a Second Language) teacher at Mayfield Elementary is this year’s winner of the prestigious Lillie F. Fitzgerald Excellence in Teaching Award. more

Bridgett Burris: One Teacher's Journey
“My life story has been jumbled, scattered, and complicated... wasn’t encouraged to have this dream of being a teacher, didn’t walk around with a pretend attendance book calling roll, and wasn’t pruned for college prep courses. ” more 

Community Support for Service Learning
Whether bagging trash, pine cones or candy, mopping stairwells or under bleachers, shoveling dirt into wheelbarrows or cleaning toys, the CHS students put “service learning” into practice.  more

Sticking With it…Innovative Vertical Teaming
Because of a major gift from Bank of Cleveland, exciting change is happening at E. L. Ross Elementary School.  Vertical teaming, challenge-based learning, and iPad Learning Labs ... more

A Book, an iPad, and a Tape Player
An inspiring book and author, ipads and tape players in three classrooms have a powerful effect on reading and writing for these children.    more


STEM Jumpstart for Parkview Elementary Students
A STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) focus in an elementary school is very unique,” reported Deb Bailey, principal.“The students love the hands-on experience...” more 

July 2012
Lillie F. Fitzgerald Winners
The most prestigious local award a teacher can receive is the Lillie Frank Fitzgerald Excellence in Teaching award. Read more about the recipients of this award….... more

March 2012
Math and More
Literacy Learned from the Classroom Rug, Math Madness, and Kinesiology & Bodymechanics: It’s Something in the Way You Move...these are just some of the creative programs teachers are implementing, thanks to BCPEF grants.

The Legacy Society
Careful financial planning can be highly beneficial to you and your heirs, enabling you to leave an enduring LEGACY for future generations of students while providing yourself and your family with significant tax benefits.  more

December 2011
Victoria Pritchard

“Going above and beyond” does not adequately describe the teaching style of Victoria Pritchard, the Homebound Teacher for Cleveland City Schools and the 2010-2011 recipient of the Lillie F. Fitzgerald Excellence in Teaching Award. more

October, 2011
Strums and Smiles

Smiles were breaking out on the faces of Ms. Siema Swartzel’s music class at Arnold Elementary as they played “Go Tell Aunt Rhody.” What made this time so special? They were playing this song on dulcimers they built themselves.


July 2011
Engaged in Learning
Mrs. Sherry Brown has expressed her passion for education with a major contribution to the Public Education Foundation, funding the purchase of thirty TeacherMate computers for the 1st and 2nd grade classes at Blue Springs Elementary more

Play-to-Learn Math Manipulatives Have Kids Excited
Pam Coleman, who teaches at Black Fox Elementary School, was awarded a grant by the Bradley/Cleveland Public Education Foundation to enhance math materials for her kindergarten students.   more

The Terry McGuire Education Fund
Many donors have honored the memory of Board of Education member Terry McGuire who passed away this summer. A fund has been established in his name which will benefit our schools. To make a gift or pledge... more

November 2010
Veteran's Day at Blue Springs Elementary
Award winning song writer Phil Stacey makes a special appearance in a heart-warming salute to veterans.

August, 2010
The Twelve Days of Christmas:
The Cleveland Middle School’s “6 YELLOW TEAM” wrote to Teacher Grant-Individual Donors Steve and Karen Robinson “Your donation offered our 92 students an entire semester’s review of all core subjects…”  more>>

May, 2010
Special Teachers, Special People

Nine nominations have been received for the Lillie F. Fitzgerald Excellence in Teaching Award, given annually by Dr. and Mrs. Rodney Fitzgerald in memory of his mother.  This award to a teacher who demonstrates excellence... >>

May, 2010
Mother Earth Math

Getting their hands dirty?  Shoveling mulch?  Pulling weeds?  Math students?  Yes!  If their teacher is Luajean Bryan at Walker Valley High School. more>>

May, 2010
TAKE ONE Reveals Hidden Teacher Talents

“The best professional conversations I’ve ever had!” “I can’t believe what the video revealed about my teaching style and the children’s focus!” 
Such are the comments from some of the 26 teachers participating in TAKE ONE! more>>