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This year’s Lilie F. Fitzgerald winner, Grace Dyrek, touches the lives of 1,300 students and 100 teachers and staff daily at Cleveland Middle School through her innovation and dedication. more
Fund For Teachers Fellowship 2016
LeeAnn Klepzig and Renee Holman, teachers at Walker Valley High School, embark on the fellowship of a lifetime in Hungary, Romania, Austria and Germany. Read more about their adventure and get their blog address. more
Taylor Elementary Blessed by Major Grant
This grant will provide laptops for all fourth- and fifth-grade students, including mobile hotspots for at-home use so students can conduct research and communicate with people around the globe.more

Students Taylor Branson, Ashli Thompson, Fatima Fernandez, India Wilkins, and Khalia Sparks learn the concepts of radiographic physics and imaging. See more about this grant.

Video Lillie F. Fitzgerald Award